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April 2, 2014


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March 27, 2014

Happy Thursday people!! I'm so glad the weekend is coming because this means more sleep, no school, and SPRING BREAK!!  (Note: To those who were suffering from tons of tests/exams for the past few weeks, you'll understand the excitement!) 

Anyways, the weather has been a lil bit weird lately(I mean SoCal's weather has always been weird) but I'm surprised it has started to cool down a lil bit this week. Which means, more layering in action. Speaking of layering, I guess I should start going back and be a responsible fashion blogger and take this part time job seriously. Because who knows? I might get paid to go to FASHION WEEK one day! And man, speaking of fashion week! This season's f/w got me all depressed because Moschino and his French Fries Iphone case, Alexander Wang's menswear inspired concept(always and will be favorite), Christopher Kane's metal teardrops printed dresses, and counting!

I guess it's time for me to go to sleep now because as you can see I'm blurting out some random stuff I don't even know what I'm trying to say. Well, good night. I'll be back this space with some good news soon!

P/s: If you ever want to work with me, feel free to send me an email - Jiafang97@hotmail.com 


March 21, 2014

Ahhh I'm so happy it's finally Friday! I swear this week has been such a crazy week for me I've only been getting 4 hours of sleep a day. And for the 1000th time, excuse my absences on this space again. I've been trying(actually trying) to post as much as I can. Though, I've been (kind of)active on Instagram because let's be honest here, every(yes. literally every) fashion bloggers can't live without their Instagram. It just naturally become our most used social media. 

In other news, I finally have my hands on a pair of (faux)leather joggers! They're seriously so comfy and strechy and it'd probably be my must-have pieces for spring(expect some sport luxe looks soon).  

Photos by my sister


March 12, 2014

Wearing: Acne Beta Double Grey Melange Sweatshirt(c/o), H&M Jeans, Puma Sneakers, H&M Sunnies

Not sure is it just me or nahhh... I noticed my style has been evolving into minimal-esque lately from all the outfits and items I've picked(possibly caused by the NYFW depression). It's actually fun to dress in some fresh classic pieces sometimes because they're very versatile! Well, I guess i'm already in the(my) minimalistic phase because I've been kinda obsessed with my (already faded into gray) jeans and this pair of old Puma sneakers. 

I've restarted my instagram feed for those who didn't understand why I'm left with 7 pictures. Follow me here for more of my daily bits and bobs! 

Photos by me


March 5, 2014

Wearing: OASAP Cardigan(c/o), Tommy Hilfiger Denim Button Up, Cotton On Velvet Floral Leggings, H&M Ankle Boots

I'm finally back with the last batch of photos from the photoshoot with Abby! I've been really busy for school(or I should say just a lil bit lazy) these past weeks which explains my absence. I might be taking bunch of pictures this weekend so I'm able to catch up with all the posts I have to make(already feeling sorry for the companies that sent me bunch of things)! Well, I guess I'll make this post a short one because I still need to finish up my Bio assignment. 
Oh one more thing before I go! If you happen to live in Seoul or have been to Seoul please leave a comment down below or email me, I need some recommendations on where I should visit! I wuv you guys <3 p="">

Photos by Abby Malik