October 18, 2015


Wearing: Romwe crop top, Romwe pants, H&M ankle boots

Oops! A very overdue outfit post again. And just in case you're wondering why am I on hiatus again, it's because I've been pretty much busy and sucked in with school. On another note, I've been thinking of changing up my blog name and domain but I can't seem to come up with a catchy name, plus my domain contract doesn't end till 2017. So I guess I'll stick to this for the mean time. 
Until then!

August 21, 2015

Greetings from Vietnam

Good Morning fellow earthlings! I'm gonna make this post real simple and short(because gotta sleep and then get up later to run some errands)! 
I made a touchdown in Ho Chi Minh City 2 days ago and thought it'd be nice share a few pictures that I've taken from my phone. I haven't had the time to explore more of this city in the mean time but I definitely will in the future! 
Have a good weekend and I hope you guys enjoy looking at these photos as much as I do. :-) 

August 19, 2015


After several changes, I decided to stick with this simple 1 column blog layout(though, I'm still not quite feeling it). Anyways, I thought it's time to put my "creative content" mind out so I dug through my 2014 album and found these(and also a bunch of photos that is basically just sitting there). These are a group of photos of me showcasing flimsy summer pieces with some simple accessories slash a collab with Blush Boutique and BbLila. My style has evolved a lot these past few years, from a bunch of jewelries to a few and to none(look at: recent instagram pics); from colorful 'fits to neutral toned 'fits. I guess this is what you called growing up...
On the other hand, my travel adventure continues tomorrow as I have to fly to Saigon, Vietnam! I've officially moved out of America and I'm now moving to Vietnam. Although moving from country to country is quite exhausting but this is a really exciting adventure! 
Am about to watch some Chinese reality travel show, will see you guys in my comfy apartment in Saigon~

August 11, 2015

Summer Breeze

Wearing: Newdress plaid jumpsuit, Newdress halter crop top, Shelly's London gladiator, Coach Topenga sunglasses

I have basically been living with around 5-6 outfits for these few months. I can't quite remember why I didn't pick enough outfits for the whole 2 months of vacation but hey I'm glad Newdress came to the rescue! I'm so happy with my summer pieces and the new swimsuit I got! With that being said, I'm also pretty glad about how these pictures turn out(A BIG SHOUTOUT TO MY LIL SISTER FOR ALWAYS BEING MY PHOTOGRAPHER)! I guess it's because this hotel is very picturesque overall. There'll be a Malaysia video diary(that will consist basically me running around places and eating and walking) coming soon, so keep an eye out on that! 

July 16, 2015

Take a walk

Wearing: Forever 21 stripes tank top, Romwe flannel(c/o), Sheinside ripped white jeans(c/o), H&M boots, Iconemesis phonecase(c/o), H&M sunglasses

Finally getting around to post some of the pictures taken weeks ago. In my favorite comfy stripes tank top and flannel, probably not the best summer fit but layering is still my thing(despite in this scorching hot weather).  
I'm still currently travelling, so I've been basically running around places a lot. Still trying really hard to get back on track on blogging. I've also been planning to be more active on the Youtube world too so there'll definitely be more videos coming up on my Youtube channel so keep an eye out for that!

Currently: drinking my Caffè Latte at the nearest Coffee Bean near my house, in an Aeropostale men's tshirt and a pair of shorts whilst trying to find a plug outlet to charge my laptop(but couldn't find any).

Photos by my sister

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